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Sunset Aura contains such power, strength and supportive energies that motivate us onward! It is a sparkly, blended mix of deep yellow/gold/orange/rust/pink and red. When passed under light and moved back and forth, these colours sparkle, blend and intermingle, literally creating the colours of a beautiful sunset.

This crystal is said to aid the stomach, digestion, IBS and disease of the reproductive system. If there is past trauma that affected the Sacral or Solar Plexus chakra, then this is an excellent crystal to work with whilst healing and releasing those issues.


Sunset Aura Quartz brings strength to the Sacral & Solar Plexus chakras, raising the energy from those centres up to open the heart & eventually to connect to the crown, bringing a rush of inspiration, creativity, passion and intuitive connection. It is an excellent crystal for building self confidence, self esteem and for manifesting our dreams.  It helps to deal with self sabotage and supports us in learning self love.


All of our crystals are lovingly sourced from ethical suppliers. Each crystal is cleansed and blessed before they reach you.


Associated Chakras

  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus

Emotional Issue

  • Abuse
  • Joy - Emotional
  • Positive Action

Spiritual Connection

  • Creative In Thought and Action
  • Joy
  • Raising Energetic Vibrations


Sunset Aura Cluster, USA

  • Regularly cleanse your crystal after use to remove any negative energy, run this crystal under clear water with the intention of lovingly cleansing it.

    Always thank the crystal you work with before and after, and remember to show them gratitude regularly.

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