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The Heart Alignment Course

1st Wave Beginning May 2nd 2023


I have been guided to put this course together to assist humanity in healing and freeing their heart chakras completely, and enabling one to move into a state of pure unconditional love.


“In 2021 on a trip to Avalon (Glastonbury, UK) I received a vision which contained answers to my soul’s journey, a beautiful story encoded with love and sacrifice, that made me sob, shake and shudder as I began to understand the enormity of my mission.   I now understood my purpose…”

“I was taken back to the beginning of creation, when we were one.  Part of my agreement was to shatter my heart chakra, as I separated from the one creation, my heart exploded and flew like shards of glass, beautiful slithers of love landed in many universes and planets, enabling those civilisations to fill their lives with unconditional love, this was so beautiful as they had never experienced such feelings before, as many did not even have a physical vessel at this time.  The key to this experiment was to see if humanity might return to this almighty love within our many human incarnations.  Those of us that chose to participate in this, need to find their way back to true unconditional love this lifetime, it has taken billions of human incarnations for us to be able to achieve this, and the path has been dark and treacherous.  The time is now to return to wholeness and reseal the heart chakra once more." 

I am a Priestess of the Blue Rose, Keeper of the 

White Flame and Sophia Dragon, if you feel drawn to me and my work, then it is likely you too are of this same ancient lineage...


"Always follow your heart's calling it will never steer you in the wrong direction"


Do you feel a calling to this? 

Can you feel this in your body?


Do you remember?


Are you ready to join me on this sacred journey and change your life forever?

This 3 month immersive workshop will wrap you in a blanket of unconditional love, as we journey deep into the heart chakra, unlocking the ancient mysteries within and aligning you to unconditional love.

Linking us back to our beautiful primordial heart chakra, that has journeyed with us from our very first incarnation, no-one knows us better than our heart.

For too long we have been trained and conditioned to lead with the mind, down a path of fear and uncertainty.  As we move toward our new earth, it is imperative that we lead our mind with our heart, and enable love to blossom on our earth, entwined through humanity once again.  To be wild and free, for as we change our inner world, change can then become the conduit for all souls, and is reflected in the outer world.

What We'll Explore

The Heart Alignment Course

1st Wave beginning 2nd May 2023 at 7pm online


Thank you so much for the beautiful session this morning, it was magical and pretty profound

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