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My journey with Melissa started in September 2021   At that time I was going through a lot of Spiritual changes, which was making me anxious as I didn't fully understand what was happening to me.


Since my very first session of Love Light Healing, I could feel a difference within me, and following a few more sessions, the anxiety more or less disappeared.


Melissa is lovely and has been so supportive during my spiritual journey to the point I now consider her a friend 


I have attended various Spiritual workshops run by Melissa i.e. Angelic Reiki, ERB, Heart Opening, and Cacao Ceremonies, to name but a few, and recently attended the Aligning Our Energy Workshop, which was amazing. 


Thank you so much for your guidance and support!

Clover xx

Since our meeting I have been repeating the recording of my healing and meditation for 6 consecutive days and I am finding it so helpful and comforting.I’ve cried through it and fallen asleep through it….(Maybe)but I know it is healing me on many levels.

It feels like I have taken the lids off all the boxes where I’d locked my pain, grief or wounds away and they are pouring out their contents for healing.I am looking forward to disregarding some of the boxes soon or better still filling them with self love and power to be the authentic version of me

I’m loving the book and the cards you recommended!

Thank you as always for your beautiful guidance love and care

Sending you so much love and gratitude xxx

Melissa's healing treatments are truly divine.  Her calm approach and her magic healing hands, have helped me rebalance and shift some emotional blockages.  I am very much looking forward to the next ceremonies and workshops that you hold.  Thank you Melissa.  Divine!  Emma O xxx

Testimonial for Akashic Records Training 


Hello Melissa,


Words cannot really describe how beautiful and loving the experience of learning "the Akash" has been with you. I'm so very grateful. 


Your patience and understanding is always warmly felt, and your encouraging acceptance of my individual needs of how I was feeling on the particular day of each session is always appreciated by me.


You've allowed me to see and feel my potential and shown me I can find the confidence to allow my truth and connection to shine.


The Akashic Records is something that I know will be in my "box of tools" and will be a key "ingredient" to how I proceed with my own self healing and that of others.


There is always a joyful and light feeling after working with the Akashic Records and although it is working with "upstairs" you know that you are very much grounded here on Earth and the grounding and rooting visualisation exercise that is done before each connection to "upstairs" is strong and just helps reinforce the power of the whole process.


I fully recommend this course to anyone who is interested in clearing, healing and rewriting their energy patterns and it is a great way to lighten the ancestral limitations and concerns of past generations, they will love you for it.


Thanks once again Melissa, talk soon,


Tom G Xx


I was just feeling stressed, irritable and fed up with life - I booked a block of six sessions with Melissa, and the only way I can describe it, is life-changing - my stress has gone, my mood has changed, and I'm making changes in my life that I felt scared to do before... Lots of love S xx

I had excruciating pain in my left knee before I came to see Melissa. Thanks to this wonderful healing, the problem disappeared almost instantly . I can highly recommend this therapy.  Stephanie

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know how relaxed I felt following the healing. Not only was my mood lifted, I feel lighter (energetically) than I had ever felt before. I can’t wait to come and see you again – thank you!- Andrew

I sent my partner to Melissa as a very sceptical customer, and he was converted!  Melissa really helped him with some ongoing anxiety issues and released a great deal of pent up emotions.  Melissa’s service was warm, friendly and supportive and she followed up to make sure we were doing well

I was blown away by the Atlantean and Goddess Isis healing, I felt like I was literally floating.Combined with the Akashic Records clearing I was literally on Cloud 9


Above the Clouds

Love Light Healing

Love Life, Love Your Heart, Love Yourself

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