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I have met and worked with some brilliant people and products over the years, so this is my page for sharing their details with you...

Sirian Stargate Portal

Awesome readings, retreats and sacred arts by the hugely talented Fiona Johnson (Fifi) . Amazingly insightful readings and channellings, and beautiful sacred blue lotus oil.  Fiona spent most of her life developing her gift as a medium. Since childhood she was taught how to channel information directly from spirit. Her training with the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums and years of Zen practise have further refined her gifts as a channel.  I can highly recommend Fifi xx

Fortune Telling Cards

Cacao Love

Clients often ask me where they can buy fantastic quality cacao.  I always recommend Cacao Love for their ceremonial grade Peruvian cacao.  Sourced with pure love from small farmer co-operatives in the Peruvian Andes, this is an amazing Cacao

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