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Animal Healing

I have always had an incredibly strong bond with animals, as a child our house was always full of rescued bunnies, dog, guinea pigs, budgie and if I could have fitted them in horses and many more...Humanity as a whole is now beginning to understand that animals are emotionally intelligent and as such pick up and are affected by our emotions and thoughts. Animals respond beautifully to healing and connecting, they don't give any resistance to it, like us humans often can.

Wild Icelandic Horses
Dog Walker at the Park
Dog Walker at the Park
Dog Running in Water
Two Sheep
Two Sheep
Dog Portrait

How can it help my pet?

Animals respond well to healing, they don’t give any resistance to it, like us humans often can.  I have used healing to treat a dog suffering from multiple seizures (alongside veterinary care), to calm anxious animals, for post-operative trauma and to speed up the recovery of a broken bone.

Our pets have an emotional life.  When they are surrounded by stressful situations, they absorb the energy. These negative energies accumulate and build up in their aura, creating an imbalance.

Healing helps provide support on an emotional level too:

  • Fears/phobias·      

  • Separation anxiety

  • Treating trauma of being attacked

  • Nervousness/general anxiety

  • Stress reduction during transport

  • Stress, irritability, anxiety

  • Grief over the loss of a person or animal friends

  • Phobias, traumas, obsessions and compulsions

  • Depression

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