I started healing almost twenty years ago, having always been fascinated by energy and tarot cards, even as a young child.  I began my journey by learning Reiki and attuning many souls to it.


Over the years as the energy and vibrations of the earth have shifted and changed frequencies, so too have many more healing modalities presented themselves.  Each and every person is unique and the type of energy that they require can be very different - I tune in to each individual client and then the specific energy that they need is channelled through me.

I am able to channel angelic healing, I work with crystals and etheric crystals through Mother Earth, I channel Atlantean healing, Goddess Isis healing, and Akashic Records clearing - this can help with any issues from present lives, past lives, future lives through all dimensions and parallel universes. From emotional problems such as stress and anxiety to physical pains and ailments, as well as aiding weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.


As well as working with high frequency Andara crystals and channelling energy from Atlantis, Lemuria, Lyra, Pleiadian and Sirius and working closely with Unicorns, the Lion Beings and Air Dragons.  


I am available for appointments via Zoom, and in person at my therapy room in Petts Wood, Kent.