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Sugilite is a purifier and protecting stone used in protecting you from negative energies in your daily environment. Sugilite puts up a “shield of light” that will protect and cleanse any negative vibrations that may come your way. Sugilite will keep your aura cleansed and radiating with light. This stone is recommended for people who have a stressful workplace or anyone who may travel frequently for work and non-leisure trips.


Due to it’s high stimulation of the third eye, Sugilite is also a wonderful stone to meditate and dream with. This mineral will expand your awareness and symbolically show you your journey through imagery you may not understand in the moment. To get the most out of Sugilite while you work with it, it’s best to place it over the third eye and either tilt your head back, or lay down. 


Sugilite helps to increase physical stamina and endurance. Use this stone to support treatment for iron deficiency and well as breathing difficulties or other lung related health challenges. It is also beneficial for those with anaemia, asthma and allergies. This stone has a harmonising effect on the nerves and brain function. It assists with epilepsy, dyslexia, autism and Asperger's syndrome.

Sugilite will reduce and encourage the recovery from infection and viruses. This stone enhances the function of the pineal and pituitary glands. Sugilite encourages balance to food related addictions and compulsions, such as excessive alcohol. It assists in controlling gambling and out of control spending. The lighter coloured sugilite purifies the lymph glands and blood.

Sugilite raw, South Africa

  • Regularly cleanse your crystal after use to remove any negative energy, run this crystal under clear water with the intention of lovingly cleansing it.

    Always thank the crystal you work with before and after, and remember to show them gratitude regularly

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