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Join Us For the Neptune/ Jupiter Akashic Clearing and Healing on Tuesday 12th April at 7pm on Zoom


How to Navigate the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in preparation for the first of the most powerful full moons of the year...

Well, this is going to be a wild ride if ever we saw one... For the first time in 865 years Neptune will be in conjunction with Jupiter on 12th April, this conjunction won't happen again until 2188.  This will be a super powerful time, as we experience these huge shifts and changes. 


This is a time of huge awakening for humanity,  a surprise for many, and for those of us already on this path a massive heightening of our psychic senses both new and old...


At this time, and up until around 17th April it is really important to take extra care of ourselves: the good bits are our intuition will be off the chart, messages from other realms will be more frequent and the truth will emerge the from delusion but we may also feel quite spacey, confused, brain fog, emotional and zoning out, to assist with these feelings it is more important than ever to:


  • Drink plenty of water (these are watery times, and we need to rehydrate more than usual)


  • Protect your energy more than usual - really simple, just envisage of bubble of golden light directly from source all the way around you, and know that this beautiful bubble is protecting your precious energy - if you feel this start to wane at any point during the day, simply recreate it.


  • Grounding, try to do this at least 3x a day or more if you still feel spacey (I've just come in from the garden barefoot grounding, hence my ability to be able to write to you :) ) - for other ideas on how to ground, please read my article here


  • If you are feeling particularly emotional, know that this is entirely normal with the energy that is surrounding us right now, it's a time to let go of these old feelings that are holding us back.  If you do feel particularly angry, upset or fearful try to remain heart centred, and let the emotion go, knowing that it has been released, and is all as it should be, in order for you to move forward on your path.


Know that this is an incredibly exciting time, a time for manifesting all of those dreams - and remember to enjoy each day as it comes, try not to worry about the future or dwell on the past.


Jupiter/ Neptune Akashic Clearing

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