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Golden Healer Quartz is a beautiful crystal. The frequency vibration of crystals is following the evolutionary process we are all undergoing, so new or less commonly known crystals are suddenly being found in large amounts and released into the World. Their vibrations are higher, encouraging and supporting us in attaining a higher vibration within ourselves.


Weight: 113g

Size: 2.5"x 2"x 1.5"

Chakra: Solar Plexus


Golden Healers help us harness that power, first for ourselves, then for the good of all. If there are any current or past life experiences regarding the giving/taking of personal power, trust issues, lack of belief in self/others or lack of self confidence, which reside energetically in the solar plexus area, then a Golden Healer is the crystal to work with to understand, accept, cleanse, clear and start anew.

Faceted Golden Healer, Brazil

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