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Etheric Regeneration & Bioresonance

Balance and harmonise your body

  • 2 hours
  • 222 British pounds
  • Orpington

Service Description

This method of healing has recently been channelled to me, and is a fantastic way to balance all of your bodies using frequency, tone and vibration. This 2 hour session starts with me channelling specific messages for you connecting with your higher self and guides. I will then tailor the ERB healing to those areas that need aligning - these may include issues from past incarnations that have come through to this life, removal of old soul contracts and vows that you may have made, and are still holding you back, aligning you with your soul path, removing blockages or obstacles that are in the way, understanding around any physical ailments that your vessel may be carrying, and the messages that your body is trying to tell you. And removal of any ancestral patterns, and repetitive thought patterns, conditioning and beliefs from this incarnation or the billions of incarnations that you may have had. Allowing you to experience freedom, and remember who you truly are and why you have incarnated at this time. You will be provided with a recording at the end of the session, so that you may repeat the healing often. We create 80,000 thoughts per day, and are only aware of a small percentage of these - these negative thought patterns are the reason we often don't succeed or complete tasks. The recording will help you remove these once and for all. Once the healing has completed you will experience a healing meditation in the etheric egg that I bring down with assistance from my Andromedan soul family. This beautiful meditation fills you with high level frequencies and has been described as "ethereal" and "other-wordly", and just has to be experienced. The session culminates in some specific affirmations that are channelled just for you, and if you repeat these daily, they will become your truth, as well as a mini card reading to assist you and give confirmation of what you have already learned. This healing and meditation session has been described as absolutely life changing, and worth every penny.

Contact Details

  • Orpington BR5, UK

    07810 543381

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