Egyptian Goddesses and God's Activation

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2 part activation. Day 1 (1 hour) The Goddesses Isis, Bastet, Sekh Met and Hathor activation. Day 2 (1 hour) Activation to the Gods Thoth, Anubis, Horus and Osiris. Also available as a one part course to the Goddess energy (£111) or the God energy (£111). Unleash the power of the most mighty Ancient Egyptian Goddesses and Gods in this magical activation which will enable you to bring through the healing abilities of each of these wondrous light beings both for your own healing and for others around you. I have recently channelled this activation as we are ready to receive this right now, to assist with our own ascension process and to assist others. You will be able to call on these being individually or collectively to help you. Goddess Isis helps with divine magic, feminine strength, power and beauty, joy and self esteem. Goddess Bastet helps with love, joy, motherhood and celebration whilst at the same time being a great protector. Goddess Sekh Met brings power, authority, fierce-some warrior energy whilst at the same time giving healing and protective energy and Goddess Hathor known for her love of beauty, dance and happiness she can assist with artistic projects, celebrations, decision making and soulmate finding. You will stand strong with this amazing team behind you. Added to that the mighty Thoth is known for his high magic he can assist you with divine magic, life purpose, mathematics, prophecy and divination, psychic abilities, sacred geometry, teaching and writing. Great Anubis negotiates the peace between ego, spirit and soul as well as helping to heal childhood wounds. Wondrous Horus represents the sun and the moon and brings palace to the body by balancing the elements within and great Osiris signifies the renewal of life and the metaphorical death of old ways, he supports through change and will assist with the ascension process. You will be able to channel this whole team and call upon their beautiful healing to assist you with every situation you encounter - they will also help to perfectly balance the divine feminine and masculine within you and others, which is key for ascension and a healthy and happy existence.

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