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Open Your Heart

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

When you truly open your heart it allows you to change your inner world in so doing your outer world will change...

We are so used to making decisions using our minds, in a way that seems most logical to us that we often forget to ask our hearts, in fact we are conditioned to not do this - and the reason we often don't consult our hearts is through fear, this is the territory of the ego.

“As above so below, as within so without. Our inner world reflects our outer world just like a mirror”

Our inner worlds are a reflection of our outer worlds, if we are feeling lower emotions of fear, anger, sadness, depression, guilt, shame, loneliness, jealousy and lack inside (even if we don't realise it, because often it is deeply hidden in the shadows), then this is what we attract to us in the outer worlds.

Once we are able to remove these emotions (Akashic record clearing is a very effective way), there is then room for the positive emotions to lead the way. It becomes much easier to be heart-orientated, and our lives can be governed by love and not fear. This enables us and many around us to live the lives we are truly meant to lead.

Try connecting in with your heart on a daily basis, you will start to feel the warmth and expansion in the chakra. You can also try my Love Light Healing Opening your Heart meditation (available on my website) for 21 days and experience the change in your outlook.

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