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Love Light Healing - September tips and events

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As the summer draws to a close, you may want to add a new practice to your life to reflect the change of season. Perhaps shift your consciousness from one of lack to one of prosperity and gratitude in some small way through a ritual or ceremony. Even something tiny such as lighting a candle, giving thanks, and speaking your gratitude for all that you are and all that you have, can make a huge difference to your cells and energy body. The more positive energy you radiate, the more of the same type you attract to you - as within so without...

What We’re Up To

Akashic Clearing and Healing on Forgiveness - September 14th @ 7pm Join us online for a group Akashic Clearing and Healing on forgiveness of others and forgiveness of the self this is one of the biggest blocks in our lives stopping us from reaching our highest and greatest potential. Anger and resentment created by lack of forgiveness wreaks havoc in our bodies. Join us to clear these emotions and set yourself free. Sign up here or send me an email at Energy Protection Workshop - September 30th @ 7pm Join us online for this unmissable workshop on learning how to protect your energy. Every day we entangle with negative energy that we create ourselves, take on from others and our environment, and pick up from mass consciousness (ie. the news and social media). Learn how to keep your energy clean and clear by using various techniques to remove dirty energy from our energetic fields and bodies. You will feel lighter and brighter each time you use these teachings, and your emotions will be clearer enabling you to see your soul's true path in life. Simply put your wouldn't only shower once a week to keep your physical body clean, and it no different from your etheric body, which also needs looking after. Sign up here or send me an email at Vanishing Twin Workshop - October 5th @ 7pm Are you an empath? If the answer is yes, then chances are you have a vanishing twin. This happens in pregnancy when the embryo of one of the twins wasn't viable and is then absorbed by the mother, placenta or surviving twin. Often early detection before ultrasound was invented wasn't possible. The death of one of the twins leaves an emotional imprint on the surviving twin and can cause: Control issues (not able to control what happened in utero), survivor guilt (feeling guilty for surviving), sabotaging relationships, often healers and caregivers, feeling abandoned, sad, sense of loss and feeling alone, right and left sides are disconnected, eating disorders, always searching, feeling a kinship with twins, likes two of things, likes or fear mirrors, can't grow up and leave their twin behind, bonding or attachment feels unsafe and creates fear of responsibility - if you have some of these then there could be a possibility that you have a vanishing twin. This can often be the answer to many illnesses and diseases within the body, as you share a system with your twin. In this workshop we will fully align you and allow you to gain back your own sovereignty and honour your twin and you as individual souls, separating your systems entirely, so that you are no longer of two minds but one. Your twin will always remain with you, but you will both have your own systems. Sign up here or send me an email at

Get in Touch

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or to discuss anything that you need help with. We look forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love Melissa x

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