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Love Light Healing - October tips and events

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The spectacular beauty of Autumn is upon us, and as we begin to hunker down in preparation for the colder months, it is a good opportunity to reflect back on your spiritual practice. I have been reminded of the importance of grounding, without it you may find yourself spiralling into negativity and completely losing your focus, feeling unable to connect and be present in the physical body. Grounding is so simple and literally takes just 5 or 10 minutes each day. For more information on different ways to ground please read my blog Grounding - the missing piece (peace) in your spiritual toolbox -

What We’re Up To

3 Week Akashic Clearing on negative emotions, clearing toxins, and rebalancing masculine and feminine energies - Nov 1st, 8th and 15th @ 7.30pm Join us online for a three week group Akashic Clearing and Healing on negative emotions, clearing toxins and rebalancing masculine and feminine energies. Lydia from Raw Purpose and I will be joining to forces to guide you through these amazingly powerful clearings. Join us to clear negative emotions in week one that are stopping you from reaching your highest potential, week 2 removing the toxins from your body from pollution, medicines, vaccines,and many other chemicals that we are exposed to on a regular basis and week 3 a beautiful rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies. We would encourage you to repeat these clearings and the recordings we will send you, will clear deeper each time you repeat them. Sign up here or send me an email at Akashic Clearing and Healing on self forgiveness and forgiveness - November 30th @ 7pm Back by popular demand...Join us online for a group Akashic Clearing and Healing on forgiveness of others and forgiveness of the self this is one of the biggest blocks in our lives stopping us from reaching our highest and greatest potential. Anger and resentment created by lack of forgiveness wreaks havoc in our bodies. Join us to clear these emotions and set yourself free. Sign up here or send me an email at Inner Child Healing - December 7th @ 7pm This beautiful healing and guided meditation will allow you to rekindle your relationship with your inner child. No matter how old we are we carry our younger selves with us everyday. Maybe our hurt 5 year old appears when our best friend doesn't answer our call or the misunderstood 15 year old comes out when a colleague doesn't see eye to eye. Our inner child may not have felt like they were loved, understood or even wanted, this meditation and healing will give you an opportunity to remedy that - letting them know that they are important, needed and loved and thus allow that part, of the grown-up you to heal, and form a wonderful bond with your inner child. Sign up here or send me an email at

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