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Etheric regeneration and bioresonance

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

By Melissa Stonard, Akashic Record Clearing, Atlantean and Goddess Isis Healing Published on 1st June, 2022 Etheric regeneration and bioresonance is a new system of healing that I have recently channeled, and have been trialing and honing it over the last four months. Since etheric regeneration and bioresonance is a bit of a mouthful, it is now shortened it to ERB. How does it work? This therapy works by balancing, harmonising and healing the body – so if you have a particular physical ailment it works brilliantly on this, as well as being super effective on any emotional issues that we may have. This therapy, much like a bioresonance machine, uses the vibrations and frequencies that are etherically called in, to balance any imbalances in the bodies. We have 12 different bodies, all of which, barring the last four, have a direct effect on our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, so by systematically working through these we can ensure that all of the bodies are thoroughly cleansed.

This works by scanning your body and being guided to where your chakras and organs are depleted, and what, if any, supplements (homeopathic) you may need. The specific organs or chakras are then filled with a fresh, clean frequency and sealed. As you are probably aware, most illnesses and diseases are rooted in the emotional body, so it is equally important to clear any negative emotions that are loitering in our emotional bodies as well as tackling the physical and mental bodies. Even low levels of stress (which we may not even recognise, as it has become the norm for so many of us) over a prolonged period can create disharmony in our bodies and consequently lead to illness. When our chakral system is out of alignment, this can lead to an imbalance in our energy systems, and can eventually culminate in a physical problem in the body. Often our divine feminine (left side of the body) and divine masculine (right side of the body) is not in alignment, and this can cause pain in the corresponding side. For example, a pain in the left shoulder can be linked to feelings of being overburdened as a female, mother or even daughter.

How ERB therapy can help you

ERB can help with all of this and the results from it speak for themselves. For example, seeing fantastic improvements with the blood sugar control in type 1 diabetes, and even being able to reduce the amount of insulin needed, as well as injuries, aches and pains improving dramatically, and fully functioning immune systems. This therapy is excellent for both physical and emotional issues and can assist with and help to heal from cancers, arthritis, diabetes (T1 and T2), injuries, autism, ADHD, aches and pains and much more, as well as stress, anxiety, worry, chronic fatigue, addictions and depression and more. Click here to book a session of ERB therapy or you can learn to do this therapy yourself. It is amazingly simple - you don’t need any prior healing experience, and you will be able to very easily treat your family, friends, and the wider community. I offer training courses, with the next one taking place on 9th June.

Written by Melissa Stonard, Akashic Record Clearing, Atlantean and Goddess Isis Healing I have been an energy worker for over 20 years - I specialise in Reiki (Reiki Master), reading and clearing the Akashic records, Atlantean Healing and Goddess Isis Healing. I work with adults, children and animals. I have seen huge shifts in clients over the years, both emotionally and physically - energy work never ceases to amaze.

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